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Why MLM works 

If you ask people involved in MLM to define WHY the system works, it's almost a 100% certainty that they'll describe HOW it works instead... the pay plans, the procedures, the practices, the structures, etc etc etc, when what really makes it work are the little-known principles on which it's based.

They're not the same thing. Not even close. And what it says, loud and clear, is that they don't have a clue about WHY network marketing works. That's especially worrying when it's the owner or chief executive of the company!

There are basically two types of people in business...

  • Innovators and
  • Imitators

Innovators understand cause and effect, so they're in control of the processes involved. If things go wrong, they have a good chance of fixing them, fast.

Imitators see the effects of innovators' discoveries and think that they're the causes! When things go wrong (not if, but when — guaranteed!) they haven't a clue how to fix them because they have no idea of the cause-and-effect processes involved.

When you consider that 95% of all MLM companies fail within the first five years, what does that suggest about the people running them?

Yep... they're imitators who've seen something that impresses then and copied it, but without understanding what's really powering it. So this is one of the most crucial insights you need to have before choosing an MLM company to work with.

What kind of principles are we talking about?

First, you need to understand a little about Fourth Generation™ systems and why MLM is the only Fourth Generation™ business system in existence. This simple reality is almost unknown to network marketing executives everywhere, but once you see what it's all about, it becomes crystal clear that this is why MLM has such a lousy reputation. For example, one of the foundation principles of Fourth Generation™ thinking is...

"Fourth Generation systems cannot be made to work on First, Second or Third Generation principles."

This also gives us a critical clue in understanding why MLM companies fail so often: they're run by people who are trained to operate traditional, FIRST Generation business systems! (There are almost NO Second or Third Generation business systems). Learn more about the differences here...

It's like trying to launch a space shuttle by having everyone flap their arms. It will never get off the ground!

The GOOD news: it means that the problem is simple to fix!

All you need is to replace your First Generation principles and practices with enlightening and empowering Fourth Generation™ principles and practices.

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WHY Network Marketing Works
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